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 Sustainable Business


Putting in-place a carbon policy clearly sets out the intentions of your organisation with regard to managing and reducing carbon. This can have the following benefits to your business:-


• Improved Business Productivity and Resource Efficiency

• A Positive Image in Terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

• Risk Management (in Light of Rising Resource Prices)


Before developing a policy, it is important to understand the current status of the organisation with regard to carbon and energy use. This includes understanding existing policies and procedures, current roles and responsibilities, current and future legislation that will impact upon the organisation and current levels of energy consumption and carbon emissions. It is only once these factors are understood that it is possible to identify the areas where carbon reduction opportunities can be targeted, to set targets and to monitor progress.


For companies either seeking to develop a carbon strategy for their business or need help in achieving their implemented targets and strategy, BSDS Sustainable Business service line offers services to support our Clients’ needs by offering:-


• Corporate Carbon Strategy

• Carbon strategy Delivery

• Sustainable Due Diligence


• Carbon Reduction Commitment CRC Support

• Implementation Support for Efficiency Initiatives