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Our Sustainability Team


Our Team is a specialist international group developed in response to increasing demands for sustainable solutions in the built environment. We are specialized in the design of renewable energy systems. Renewable resources such as geothermal, solar and wind energy are applied in the design process when feasible. Our team of specialists has developed unique design concepts to capture the benefits of harnessing the wind, sunlight and geothermal heat in our natural resources while controlling construction costs.



Our goal is to seek sustainable engineering solutions in the built environment, which achieves an optimum balance between environmental impact, social benefit and financial return. We pride ourselves that, as both services engineers and energy analysts, we are well placed to appreciate the architectural, engineering and financial implications of integrated options – we help to bridge traditional disciplines to provide low-carbon solutions. It is our conviction that elegant design and improved quality of life are totally compatible with, and indeed essential to, cutting CO² emissions.



From then, we use computer, physical modelling and graphical presentations to provide early stage practical input to the design team on all of our projects. Our strategy has been to provide support for our clients growing demands to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. This we achieve by bridging the gap between the architect and the traditional role of building services consultants by designing with a holistic approach.