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The BSDS's Strategy



BSD are at the forefront of developing and implementing Low Carbon Energy Projects.


The main objective of the energy strategy should be to reduce the CO2 emissions from the proposed development by following the principles set out below.


The energy strategy should also aim to reduce the use of finite, non-renewable resources.





The principles for developing a BSD energy strategy are:-

•       Conservation - reduce demand by using what is necessary only

 •      Efficiency - To meet end use demand efficiently by using all available resources

•       Supply from low carbon sources and possibly recycle all waste and plan to build from recycled materials

•       Supply from renewable sources

•       Enable energy management

•       Encourage passive design measures

•       Encourage the use of daylighting

•       Attempt to influence building orientation

•       Attempt to influence building shelter and shade

•       Encourage the use of natural and mechanical ventilation

•       Help to restore the natural habitat

•       Minimum impact to aurrounding envrionment

•       Use local available materials as possible

•       Create a safe and healthy place for all