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""We pride ourselves in producing practical and deliverable sustainable solutions which fit the budget


At BSDS, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of a building over its entire lifetime whilst optimising its economic viability and the comfort and safety of its occupants.


BSDS provides sustainability services for:


• New construction projects
• Refurbishments
• Fit outs
• Buildings in operation
• Beam Plus Certification




Due to the nature of building services, invariably the systems designed as part of the normal course of our work are consumers of energy and therefore, careful consideration must be given to the energy efficiency of the schemes designed. This aspect of building services design has been enhanced in recent years by local government driven initiatives to reduce energy consumption in line with a commitment to reduce global energy consumption.


Within the HK, this has recently been driven by changes to Building Regulations and by the increasing availability of cost effective energy saving solutions. BSDS is fully aware of their responsibility to encourage the use of energy efficient systems where these are practical and can deliver proven cost effective energy efficiency. The design process for energy efficient systems and buildings requires a holistic approach and not merely the inappropriate specification of a number of high profile ‘badged’ green or energy efficient products and services.


Whilst standard building practices are guided by short term economic considerations, our approach towards sustainable construction is based on best practices which emphasise long term affordability, quality and efficiency. At each stage of the life cycle of the building, it increases comfort and quality of life, while decreasing negative environmental impacts and increasing the economic sustainability of the project. A building designed and constructed in a sustainable way minimises the use of water, raw materials, energy and land over the whole life cycle of the building.


Sustainable development is of course about more than merely energy efficiency and encompasses the whole effect of a development upon the environment. This includes the energy used in production of materials, effective usage and avoidance of wastage of resources, impact upon the local environment etc. This is becoming an increasingly considered aspect of all developments and is particularly considered on many education and healthcare developments.


It is therefore important for energy efficiency as well as renewable energy to be considered for each new development. This means that buildings will use less energy and therefore need to use a smaller amount of renewable energy (if appropriate) to supply the same proportion of the development’s needs.


To deliver a truly sustainable project, it is essential to consider the relationship factors of environmental, social and economic considerations. Therefore, from our knowledge, experience and understanding of sustainable solutions, our team will :-



       -    Deliver projects offering excellence in sustainability but with due consideration to capital costs as well as savings achieved in             operation.

       -    Develop solutions with high efficiency, comfort and performance, reducing carbon emissions to the lowest practical levels.
       -    Offer sustainable solutions which meet your business requirements and so assure your project's succes.
       -    We can offer a fresh and innovation approach, which considers the bigger picture.


       -    We enjoy the creative process and endeavor to involve ourselves with the key designers as early as possible in order to             guarantee the greatest impact.

       -    Good communication skills are key – we use sketches and diagrams to help make concepts understandable.

       -    On-Site Renewables Studies – we produce concept sheets to explain the practical implications, the options for integration,             the costs and carbon savings.

      -    We can advise other key professionals in the design and construction process on how to produce a more environmentally             responsive building – we reach into the other disciplines to do this.
      -    We carry out daylight assessments to further drive down carbon savings, by maximising the periods when artificial lighting             can be turned off.
      -    We can demonstrate the benefits from alternative M&E systems with the adoption of renewable energy in terms of carbon             savings with improved life cycle costs.

       -   We fully consider the use of combined heat and power systems (CHP) complete the studies and testing viability with loads             assessments.

       -    Water conservation is often overlooked – we can study the use of rainwater or grey water recycling – often cost effective as             well as protecting a valuable commodity.