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Public Health


BSDS has a wealth of experience in the design, documentation and construction phase assistance associated with Hydraulic Services. Our Hydraulic Services team offers authority liaison and applications, infrastructure investigations, code compliance and due diligence audits, feasibility studies, master planning, option studies, life cycle analysis and defects liability reports.

Our Hydraulic Engineering Team focuses on ensuring that the most efficient fixtures and fittings are considered together with latest technological developments within the industry. Our Team has industry experience for developing practical, code compliant solutions.

Having a multi-disciplined approach, BSDS can co-ordinate a solution that best fits your projects requirements and deliver a solution that is technically proficient and cost effective. The Hydraulic ServicesTeam is committed to an integrated design approach.


Our Hydraulic expertise includes the following:-


Our engineers cover the full spectrum of design and engineering in the Public Health sector, providing their clients with a fully comprehensive service in the following sectors:


- Drinking water to Heavy Industrial Processing

- Hot Water Generation
- Sanitary, Drainage and Effluent plants
- Water Treatment Plant

- Sewer and greasy waste systems

- Trade waste systems and treatment

- Gas supply reticulation and demand

- Grey and Black water systems

- Rain water harvesting

- Solar hot water systems

- Roof drainage systems