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 "Our team of highly qualified service engineers consistently provide an invaluable level of support to our clients. Using the benefits of shared knowledge and experience, obtained from years of working at the sharp end of the market place, our team provide high quality, innovative solutions founded on the latest and best engineering practices".



Our Services :-



At BSDS, we strive to maintain a high quality and value for money service to our Clients. 


Unlike other traditional engineering practice, we continuously strive for engineering excellence and innovation through creative solutions to minimize environmental impact today and perhaps by improving sustainable stewardship into the future. Therefore, we integrate sustainable engineering principles into our design process to find holistic solutions for our clients. Utilizing sustainable design practices can contribute to a safe and healthy environment along all phases of a project’s life cycle. From then, we approach all projects with green concept in mind and apply latest engineering technologiesto deliver solutions that are creative and specifically tailored to meet each individual Client's expectations. 


Our team members maintain an effective communication with our Clients from time-to-time in order to achieve their specific goal throughout the project cycle from preliminary design brief till completion stages.


Since, we have enthusiastic team of senior engineering staff with a considerable reputation and great deal of experience and expertise in both the mechanical and electrical building services disciplines. This provides our company with a sound basis to fulfill the roles required for building services consulting engineers.


Through time we have managed to develop a continued success in offering our services because we are imaginative, purposeful and independable in everything we do within a wide range of fields.


BSDS understand that different project types have different service's need. Our design concepts for all projects are developed only after full consultation with the Clients and any other relevant stakeholders.


Our Teams are available to meet with you at any time to discuss your existing projects and future requirements.



Our Offer


Our teams are sector focused to provide expertise to suit particular project needs whilst our concept engineers support all teams across the company to challenge convention, share knowledge and provide innovative, award wininng solutions. From wind driven passive ventilators to fibre optic site wide communications, we integrate traditional and future technologies to achieve distinctive solutions without creating risk.


Value is achieved through designs which are innovative, energy efficient and functional. By producing detailed and co-ordinated designs before work starts on site, we can ensure that contractors have access to complete information when it is needed. Before tender we 'market test' to ensure our designs are practical and value engineered.


Electronic delivery systems and effective communication between our people encourages harmonious, integrated team working which is essential to achieve high quality installations, delivered on time and within budget.


We manage projects from inception through to completion. Care is taken to detemine clients exact needs before we plan delivery processes and since many vital installations are highly serviced we are often appointed as lead consultants. This experience adds value when working with other project managers on less intensively serviced projects.


Even the best engineering services require regular maintenance to operate safely and at peak efficiency.


Our facilities management team will advise on appropriate maintenance strategies at an early stage, preparing life cycle costings, asset registers and tender documents for preventative maintenance.