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    Our Vision and Mission



Our Vision : To be Asia’s premier building services consulting company to deliver world class sustainable solutions for the built environment for a comfortable, safe and healthy environment where people can live and work in and also adding value beyond just building services engineering.









Our vision is to become an exceptional service organization. This vision will be built on an unwavering and unending focus on our customers. We will amaze our customer with service standards that far exceed their expectations, and we will measure our success through our customers' words, not ours. As an exceptional service organization, we will maintain and expand long-term relationships with valued customers and achieve high levels of profitable growth in that process.


In achieving our vision, we recognize that our people are our most important asset. We will create an environment where our people can learn, succeed and grow—by continually investing in innovative processes, technology, training and other tools to support our people. We aim to instill in the hearts of our people the passion to deliver the industry's most superior service.





Our Mission : To established an new revolution in the building services engineering market in Asia as well as global corporate organisations, be thought leaders in both energy & sustainability and be recognised to deliver the highest standards and prestige grade in engineering design with innovative green solutions.








In view our long service in the consulting practice, we are confident that we have the experience and technical expertise to assist our Clients to achieve their objective and to offer tham the highest standards of full range of major building engineering services.




The following values are tailored by BSDS to suit quality, professional and dependable consulting services:-









    -    Integrity

          We help organizations to become better, aiming to drive your organization accurately to your target in a highly honest integrity.           By building the trust with Clients and other parties, we will treasure our relationship – so we’ll never take a short-term profit         over a long-term relationship.


    -    Reliability


        You can always rely on our professional services for implementing successfully your development projects. Also, being a partner         with us means that you can depend on us when needed. 


    -    Creativity


        We learn from our past experiences and strive to find a better way to deliver services to clients. Being innovative stretches our         people and delivers real benefits to clients in terms of costs and performance.



    -   Teamwork  


        There is no substitute for collaboration. We can’t solve every issue alone – but by working with our clients’ teams,         suppliers  and other partners we can make sure that every project runs on time, meet standard and within budget.


    -   Pride


         We are passionate about our work and proud of the huge contribution that the very best M&E engineering can         make  to creating  sustainable, efficient buildings where people enjoy living and working.